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BBQ Dragon starting a Charcoal Grill Vs. a Gas Grill

It's surprising, yes, but it's verified. We challenge anyone with a similar gas grill to a duel: No gas grill can get as hot, as fast,.

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Pop's bringing barbecue back in ci-devant Pit space

Knepp's observation — including stints working at Atlas World Grill in Iowa City and Zombie Burger + Drink Lab and Django in Des Moines — as well as studying at the Culinary Start of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., make him uniquely qualified to run

WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell receives £36m pay assistance

WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell will inherit £36m from the advertising giant's controversial incentive plan. Sir Martin, and 16 senior executives, were allowed to buy shares under WPP's control incentive scheme. They were then given up to five times the 

Manhattan or Mozambique? Maputo's billion dollar makeover

Billions of dollars are pouring into the mountains to develop offshore gas wells. They won't . On the Avenida da Marginal, about 10 kilometers out of city, small huts house tiny restaurants that grill chicken, prawns and calamari, which are served

Do Your Grill For Grilling Season

Source: Fiesta Farms

For the total there is a season, and a seasoning, and by and large we see grilling as an estival activity, with spring acting literally as a warm up act. But man, we do miss the thrill of fire, and smoke, and the scent and taste of a fresh grilled feast. This week it’s supposed to be lovely, with the forecast calling for sunny days and temperatures closing in on double digits by mid-week, the ‘tween seasoned days where you can warm up the barbecue on the deck and keep a cold one cold in the snow... If Snowbirds can go swimming in Daytona Beach in February, we can certainly grill in Tread. To find out the best way to prep our grill we turn to Napoleon Grills , a proudly Canadian company based in Barrie Ontario, and the largest manufacturers of wood and gas fireplaces, and gastronome gas and charcoal grills in North America. Named one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed Companies, an annual distinction sponsored by CIBC World Markets, Deloitte, The Popular Post, Queen’s School of Business and CEO Forum, these guys know what they’re talking about. “You wouldn’t cook in a dirty kitchen, so why grill on a dirty barbeque. And it’s a theme of safety too, especially with propane grills that have sat out all winter…do you really know what’s going on down there. So here, courtesy of the experts at Napoleon, are four simple but important tips to get your BBQ in danger of after a long winter:. Clean it up. In order to sanitize and deep clean your grill, you will need the following products: a brass wire brush, small pail to reduce hot water, dish soap, venturi brush, a1/16” drill bit, replacement grease cups, spatula, stainless steel... These supplies will hands clean every nook and cranny of your barbeque. It is easier to detach the burners and take them out of the grill for a very thorough cleaning. Pass a venturi scrub through the burners to snag out any blockages then brush the tops of the burners using a brass wire brush. Once the burners are cleaned, check all of the burner ports to guarantee that they are opened. If some are closed with food particles you can use a 1/16” drill bit to open them. Sear plates and cooking grills should be washed with hot, soapy water. Simply besom the top side of your cooking grills with a little oil to re-season them. Hot, soapy water works wonders on the cast base and sides of the grill and to remove grease splatters on the surface of the grill. for stainless steel lids use a stainless steel cleaner to remove any discoloring. Brushing the cast aluminum with a little olive oil will succour restore the luster and prevent oxidation. Lastly, use a spatula to scrape grease from the inside of the base all the way down towards the drip pan. Remove the wet blanket pan and give it a good washing and be sure to replace the tin foil grease catcher. Once your cleaning is done, it is a good idea to visually inspect all hoses and wine tubes on your grill. If you detect any of these, it is time to replace the hoses. Do a complete leak test of the grill. A leak test should be performed any time your grill has been in storage for a prolonged extensively of time or when you are changing any components on your grill. For complete leak test information, check out this video. Now that your grill is clean and safe, it is time to check out how it lights. For battery ignitions it is a permissible idea to replace the batteries with new ones. Check all electrode leads and ensure the tips of the electrodes are clean and have no grease or rust build up on them. If they do, you can use sandpaper to unsullied them. Following these simple steps will help prolong the life of your grill and enhance your cooking experience.

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Natural Gas Slide-In Double Burner for Sunstone BBQ Grills

Natural Gas Slide-In Double Burner for Sunstone BBQ Grills


Price: $529.00

This Sunstone Slide-in Double Side Burners offers great control and dependability, constructed with solid 304 Stainless steel cooking grates and entire structure hood and body, offered with a Lifetime Guarantee on the solid brass burners. This quality Double Side Burner is built with an integrated burner skirt, so it keeps secure all the important gas components to make sure this slide in double side burner will run to perfection for years to come. Lifetime Guarantee Brass Burners. Detachable Cover Lid. 304 SS Cooking Grates. 304 SS Hood and Body. Integrated Burner Skirt. Impulse Ignition. High to Low temperature range. Up to 30,000 BTUs. 220 Sq. Inch of Cooking Space. Material Specifications: 304 Stainless Steel, 18 Gauge for Burner Structure, 18 Gauge for Single Burner Cover. Handles are made of Zinc Alloy, Chrome Plated. Product Size: 13"W x 22-1/2" D x12-1/2" H. Cut out: 12" W x 20-1/4" D x 8" H. Product Weight: 32 LBS. This item ships for FREE!

Blaze BLZ-4-NG 32" Natural Gas Grill with 4 Commercial Quality 304 Cast Stainless Steel Burners 66 000 Total BTUs and Removable Warming Rack in Stainless

Blaze BLZ-4-NG 32" Natural Gas Grill with 4 Commercial Quality 304 Cast Stainless Steel Burners 66 000 Total BTUs and Removable Warming Rack in Stainless


Price: $1349.99

Blaze 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Rear Infrared Burner - BLZ-4-NG: Blaze introduces an affordable commercial style grill that was designed with your outdoor BBQ challenges in mind. This Blaze 32-inch built-in gas grill comes with four (4) commercial quality 304 cast stainless steel burners that each deliver an impressive 14,000 BTUs of cooking power, for a total of 56,000 BTUs on the cooking surface. The 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner works great with the optional rotisserie kit for grilling versatility. Durable 8mm stainless steel cooking rods maximize your searing capability on the spacious 748 square inches of cooking space. Push and turn flame-thrower primary ignition, backup flash tube secondary ignition and crosstubes ensure a steady, reliable flame with every start. The removable warming rack is an ideal place to keep bread and other food heated while you grill. The stainless steel heat zone separators allow for different cooking zones across the grilling surface. This adds to your grilling experience, creating separate zones that can be used for different styles of cooking. The flame stabilizing grid minimizes flare-ups while you enjoy your Blaze grill and the full-width drip tray makes clean up a breeze. The 304 stainless steel grill hood is double-lined to protect the outer layer from heat discoloration, keeping your Blaze grill looking shiny and new!


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A Terribly Popular BBQ Sauce
Ingredients:black pepper, brown sugar, ketchup, mustard powder, paprika, hot sauce, red wine vinegar, salt, water, worcestershire sauce

BBQ Chicken Sandwich -- Waco Kinsfolk Favorite
Ingredients:avocado, barbecue sauce, chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, red onions, tomato, sandwich buns

Glowering Beer-Marinated BBQ Chicken (Biermarinierten Huhn)
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Pop’s bringing barbecue back in whilom Pit space
03/16/15, via Iowa City Press Citizen

Knepp’s experience — including stints working at Atlas In every way Grill in Iowa City and Zombie Burger ... to the space’s character and history: “Other than a gas station, it has to be a barbecue place.” Reach Laura Hordesky at lhordesk@thronging ...

DADO Labs Internet of Things Podium Shakes Up Outdoor and Indoor Appliance Shows
03/16/15, via Software Development

At the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo (HPBE), DADO's technology helped SABER Grills (Char-Grill, LLC) introduce its new EDGE grill to the world with Vesta Awards for both "Best in Show" and "Best Gas Barbecue" the first time a Char-Broil brand has won both ...

Is the EPA Coming After Your Grill?
03/13/15, via pjmedia.com

The form said that the technology they will study with the EPA grant is intended to reduce air pollution and cut the health hazards to BBQ ... to grill over charcoal. Overblown pollution concerns aside, the pre-eminent problem with grilling over gas is ...

Sesame honey chicken
Sesame honey chicken

... and inferno!

Photo by tehchix0r


Photo by tapdingo

Breaking it in
Breaking it in

Cooked some radicchio, zucchini and steak with the Montreal Steak Flavour aka tear gas generator.

Photo by kd1s