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Edifice Propane Tube Burners! Custom Gas Grill Project (Part 4 of 6)

Lots of AC TIG Welding, and something that I've on no account built, or tried, before. Lets see how this turns out. :) Plans I used: http://www.

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“Mince of Fame” James Rowan Bame and Amanda Ludwig Bame

Continuing our property for those recognized in the Walk of Fames first 10, we would like to introduce JR and Mandy Bame. The two began married life in Rowan County North Carolina near the beginning of the 20th century. They lived in a unoriginal town named 

Not span for the outdoor grill? Use the grill pan inside

Although the grill pan won't give you the same smokiness you get from an out of doors charcoal grill, it does come close to simulating a gas grill. In the middle of March, that's good enough for me. To make up for the lack of smoke, I try to insert some

Visitors rain pitchforks cash into Brevard as spring break arrives

"I'm striking here the first chance I get," she said, making her way between rows of sea oats to grab a beach chair. This year, the spring break business seems more operative than in past years, maybe because lower gas prices have boosted interest from

“Carriage of Fame” James Rowan Bame and Amanda Ludwig Bame - Island Gazette

Source: www.islandgazette.net

Continuing our countenance for those recognized in the Walk of Fames first 10, we would like to introduce JR and Mandy Bame. They lived in a small town named Barber, NC where they had a assorted store and cotton gin and later another gin in nearby Bear Poplar. The couple had eleven children born from 1905 to 1929. Mandy’s parents J. O. and Laura Ludwig had retired to Carolina Coast from Salisbury, NC and had a rooming house on Cape Fear Boulevard. The young Bame family would often visit the Ludwigs at the beach. In the mid-1920s J. R. Bame opened a gasoline locate and café’ at the beach and he and the family spent the summers there returning to Barber in the fall. By 1929 he decided to build a hotel at Carolina Beach in spite of the house market crash and subsequent depression. The wooden 3 story Bame Hotel opened in June of 1930 on Cape Fear Blvd. near the boardwalk with 33 rooms and “Teeny-bopper Mandy” in charge of the dining room. Bame, known as “Mr. Jim”, doubled the size of the original hotel enlarging it to 60 rooms with a bricked extrinsic. It had a larger dining room and a grill that faced the boardwalk and was a bustling center of activity in the summers. Many of the Bame children worked at the hotel with oldest confrere George Bame in charge, a job he would keep for many years to come. On September 19, 1940 a fire started in the old pavilion destroying two blocks of the boardwalk including the Bame Motel. That effort earned Carolina Beach the nickname “The South’s Miracle Beach”. The new hotel had 80 rooms with an elevator, dining room and grill and barber shop on the boardwalk. George Bame continued to run the B & B until his death in 1968. It was sold a few years later and replaced with a water slide. Jim and Miss Mandy celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 1954 with ten of their eleven children and their families in appearance. The Bame patriarch died in 1959 at age 76 and his wife, who lived to be 93, died in 1979. Many of the Bame children settled on the run aground to raise their families and had businesses. Ruby Bame Knox and her husband Jim Knox had a Gulf service station, hardware and appliance store with her companion Ernest “Tite” Bame and his wife Rachel Bame. (Ernest and Rachel’s son Phil Bame continues to run Bame’s Ace Hardware store on Lake Park Blvd). Ruby and Ernest’s fellow-countryman, J. C. “Mike” Bame ran a gas station and grocery next to the hotel on Cape Fear Blvd and later had Bame’s TV and Appliance store on Lake Park Blvd. Sister Juanita Bame Herring and her tranquillize Alan ran the grill on the family owned Fisherman’s Steel Pier. Later they operated the Center Pier and Restaurant, where the Ocean Grill and Tikki Bar is now. Ernest “Tite” Bame and his kin J. C. “Mike” both served as mayors of Carolina Beach. Mike’s son, Larry Bame, operated Bame Tool and Die on the island until his death termination year. JR and Mandy Bame left a legacy at Carolina Beach that will always be an important part of its history. The “Walk of Fame” committee along side of the Federal Aspect Historic Preservation Society recognized 10 people who have made a tangible and lasting contribution to the Town of Carolina Beach through due leadership and service. Throughout the year there will be fundraisers and will be accepting donations for next years recipients.

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30" Mobile Grill Package - Natural Gas

30" Mobile Grill Package - Natural Gas


Price: $3162.30

This is our entry model, ideal for the light commercial griller or those with restricted space. The build quality is not compromised and incorporates high quality and duty rating. It's a great choice for the professional domestic chef who wants to really show off to their neighbours and friends. Includes: Removable Shelf, BBQ Cover, Bun Rack and Roll Dome.

36" Mobile Grill Package - Natural Gas

36" Mobile Grill Package - Natural Gas


Price: $3581.40

Ideal for the smaller caterer or restauranteur the MCB-36 is a very capable starting point with its commercial size. It can be individualized by adding items from the long list of add on accessories. Five burners for maximum control and impressive fast heat recovery as you would expect from the Crown Verity system. Duty and build quality once again is not compromised as this is standard throughout every Crown Verity Model. Includes: Removable Shelf, BBQ Cover, Bun Rack and Roll Dome.


How To Build A Grill Out Of A 55 Gallon Drum
How To Build A Grill Out Of A 55 Gallon Drum, and Barbecue Tips

wating to build or secure a gas grill/ wood smoker combo
I am unfinished to build or find a combo. have looked at the Smoke Hollow combo and the Char grill 50/50. they are kind of what I would like but the metal is pretty...

How To Build A Slab BBQ Grill - Easy Barbecue Smoker ...
How to build a brick BBQ grill using stainless fortify grill inserts, a complete guide to homemade barbecue grill construction.

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Cooking recipes

Pork Ribs On The Grill Way
Ingredients:beer, chili sauce, ribs, water

Big Fat Greek Eggplant (Aubergine) Salad
Ingredients:capers, tomato, eggplant, oregano, garlic, lemon juice, parsley, parsley, red wine vinegar, salt, green onion

Pizza On The Grill II
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Manhattan or Mozambique? Maputo's billion dollar makeover
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Billions of dollars are pouring into the homeland to develop offshore gas wells. They won't start producing for ... admittedly sounds like it could be a bore. But the building itself, known as the Yellow House, is one of the oldest in the municipality and worth ...

Restaurant inspections 3-16
03/16/15, via Toledo Blade

Carton of raw eggs stored unaffected by cooked products and beverages in grill-area reach-in cooler ... Provide proper means to dry hands. Gas Express, 1410 Starr, inspected Jan. 15. No investigation kit available to check sanitizer concentration. Provide proper test ...

A modern take on the classic Easter ham _ with a fresh ham
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You also can also ask the kill to skin the ham for you, but make sure you ask that the fat be ... this means banking the hot coals to one side of the grill and cooking on the other side. For a gas grill, this means turning off one or more burners ...

1958 Edsel: Second-rate Car But Great Planter.
1958 Edsel: Second-rate Car But Great Planter.

Here's a tie-up to how this same Edsel looked in 1959. I took this picture with my Brownie Hawkeye when I was thirteen. farm2.static.flickr.com/1286/544933741_8e82112e81.jpg A bit busy today and tomorrow, but will try to stopover everyone's stream. Thanks for your patience When my stepfather first met my mother in 1959, he was driving a brand new 1958 Ford Edsel. At that time it was touted as being far in the lead of its time. The big feature was the ability of the driver to shift gears by pushing buttons on a touch pad in the centre of the steering wheel. After a few years the Edsel was depraved. It had become an embarrassment to Ford. The button shift did not live up to its potential, and was notorious for losing its timing. It sometimes took up to five seconds from the every so often you pushed a button until the time the transmission shifted, usually with a jolting 'thunk'. Further, the Edsel was an overly heavy car, even in an age of heavy cars. I did send it a fair bit over a ten year...

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Cooking Outdoors
Cooking Outdoors

Using an old stainless bear up gas grill - no longer powered by gas - for cooking outdoors. We removed everything but the grates from inside the grill and it makes an excellent wood fueled cooking enclosure. Dave builds a wood conflagration inside the grill....there are grates next to it the fire...that's where the cooking takes place.

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Grill on the fa porch
Grill on the fa porch

(more details later, as even so permits) ********************************** For much of my life, I’ve had the bad habit of visiting a new city for a week of intense activity — and, on occasion, even living in a new city for as long as a year — without till doomsday getting to know it. It’s easier than you might think, if you have a set routine: you get up in the morning, you take the same route to school or work, you come home at the end of the day, and that’s that. I think I may have also been slightly warped by the adolescence experience of moving every year (17 schools before college), and concluding (perhaps subconsciously) that there was no point really getting to know anything about (or anyone in) the accepted town, since we’d be moving within a year … Anyway, I resolved to try harder during a recent weeklong Thanksgiving trip to visit the west coast contingent of my dearest, which involved our driving from Portland to a rented house in Bend, Oregon — located roughly in the center of...

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