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Cal Flame BBQ07101045 GRILL CONVERSION KIT LP TO NG ORIFICES for any grills

  • Compatible with propane grills with as many as...
  • Includes natural gas orifices for main burners...

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Transmogrify BBQ Grill From NG to LP Without New Orifices

http://www. grill-renovation. we cannot change a natural gas appliance to liquid propane without changing the regulator an.

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AOG Main Burner Orifice for 24" L Series Grills - Natural

AOG Main Burner Orifice for 24" L Series Grills - Natural


Price: $26.74

AOG 24" Main Burner Natural Gas Orifice. Fits "L" Series Grills.

American Outdoor Grill 36NBT 36" T Series Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Rotisserie

American Outdoor Grill 36NBT 36" T Series Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Rotisserie


Price: $2021.40

36 inch outdoor gas grill; "T" Series built in model. "T" Series requires no power or batteries. *Sold as Natural Gas units - includes orifices to change to L.P.


Grill Parts: Guileless Gas Conversion | BBQ Repair Tips ...
BTU and Orifice Assay Guide: BTU Input: Natural Gas Pressure Inches W.C. L/P Gas Pressure Inches W.C: 3.0" 3.5" 4.0" 4.5" 7.0" 11" 10,000: 51: 52: 1/16: 53: 54: 62: 12,000

A Propane Orifice Vs. a Gas Orifice | eHow
A Propane Orifice Vs. a Gas Orifice. Varied homeowners might wonder whether it is easy to simply convert their gas grill to a propane device or vice versa.

Orifice: Gas Valve and Grill Valves - BBQ Grills, Grill ...
Orifice Replacement valves for grills are nearby online at BBQ Depot as well as other replacement valves including manifold valves, infared valves, safety valves ...

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(332/365) September 21, 2010: My grill burns hotter now
(332/365) September 21, 2010: My grill burns hotter now

A few years ago my dad and I purchased this grill from Lowe's at a dangerous discount and converted it for the natural gas line that runs out to my deck. Unfortunately, we forgot to remove the orifices from the burners so for two years the flames were never that touchy. I thought the week flames were a result of lower pressure from the gas line versus an LP tank. Thankfully, I was wrong and he removed the orifices this week producing a adept deal of heat when this thing is lit. He also fixed the self-ignition switch. We cooked hot dogs in about 5 minutes, which used to take at least an hour (okay maybe not that fancy, but it was ridiculously longer than it should have taken). He's a handy guy to have around!

Photo by Jason Alley