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5/8"-16 Flared x 3/8" NPT Brass Adapter For Gas Regulator - CRREG-F

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Most superbly Gas Grills Review 2015 Natural Gas Grills Under $500 & $1000

Overwhelm Gas Grills Review 2015 http://www. net/best-gas-grills-review-2014/ Finding the best natural grill under $1000,$500 or $300. These gas grill.

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As one of the most major efficient oil and natural gas producers in the U.S., especially in natural gas (90% of the COG's proved reserves are natural gas in the low-cost Marcellus shale play of Northeast, Pennsylvania; 10% is crude oil in the Eagle

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Lazy Man Barbecue - Four Broiler Burners - Built in Grill - Natural Gas Model

Lazy Man Barbecue - Four Broiler Burners - Built in Grill - Natural Gas Model


Price: $3291.74

Lazyman Masterpiece Series BBQ with Four Broiler Burners and Built in Grill is made of stainless steel that lasts for lifetime. It has internal gas piping and fittings for easy connection to gas supply. This unit has four broiler burners that give 12,000 BTU each. It has a fast start-up technology from independently controlled burners to insure best professional cooking results. Create your own grilling area by selecting any combination of broiler burners and surface burners. Mix and match any unit within masonry construction or within wood construction using insulation kits and spacers. Base grill only. Cooking hood sold separatly (SSCC/210-40). Superior construction using commercial quality, professional grade Stainless Steel. Optional Stainless Steel SS Class cooking hood with full width polished stainless steel comfort cool handle. A 750 degree thermometer is standard. Stainless steel cooking grates are rods welded together and designed for easy cleaning. Internal gas piping and fittings for convenient rear connection to propane gas. Slide out stainless steel drip pan in each barbecue module. Precise individual burner control. Easy to clean stainless steel surfaces throughout. Comes fully assembled and ready to use. Create your own grilling area by selecting any combination of broiler burners and surface burners. Mix and match any unit within masonry construction or within wood construction using insulation kits and spacers. Standard 5-10 year warranty included. Overall Dimensions: 40" x 21" x 12". Total BTU Ratings: 48,000. Natural Gas Model

Summerset Alturi 42-inch 3-burner Built-in Natural Gas Grill With Red Brass Burners & Rotisserie - ALT42RB-NG

Summerset Alturi 42-inch 3-burner Built-in Natural Gas Grill With Red Brass Burners & Rotisserie - ALT42RB-NG


Price: $4799.99

Summerset Alturi 42-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Red Brass Burners & Rotisserie - ALT42-RB-NG. Designed to be a luxurious grill loaded with raw power, the Alturi series from Summerset raises the bar for outdoor cooking. The Alturi ALT42 gas grill is constructed from heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel for long lasting performance and durability. This 42-inch built-in natural gas grill is equipped with three red cast brass burners rated for 26,000 BTUs each. The 1,220 square inch cooking area is covered with 9mm thick, heavy-duty stainless steel cooking grates. A ceramic briquette tray system sits under the grates, which absorb radiant heat from the burners, ensuring the grill provides even heat across the cooking surface. Stainless steel heat zone separators placed between the burners prevent heat from bleeding over, allowing you to cook foods at different temperatures simultaneously or use the grill in a two zone setup, with one portion for direct, high heat cooking and the other for cooler indirect cooking. A double lined grill hood prevents heat discoloration and retains heat. This gas grill also boasts a 7,000 BTU dedicated smoker burner and 18,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner for expanded cooking flexibility. The heavy-duty rotisserie kit can hold up to 50 pounds. Flame thrower ignition supported by a backup flush tube ensures safe, reliable lighting without the need for batteries or electricity. For additional convenience, this grill offers details such as LED front panel illumination, interior halogen lighting and a spring-assisted hood for effortless lifting.


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Our Gas Grills collection offers Natural, Outdoor and Stainless Steel. Find Charbroil grills, Brinkmann and Weber gas grill parts and Ducane gas grills.

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Coterie proposes building 2 gas-fired power plants in W.Va.
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