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Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill, Blue

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Napoleon N370-0365 Tailgate Corbel for Freestyle Portable Gas Grills

Review More http://amzn. to/1hyjgL9 Napoleon N370-0365 Tailgate Bracket for Freestyle Portable Gas Grills Product Features Compatible with PTSS215PI PTSS215P PT.

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Nissan takes order of EV adoption in Northern California & Georgia

Nissan dealers proffer f free gas car rentals for when a Nissan Leaf owner needs to travel further. How far will Nissan go to promote EVs? It has made a video of the”Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle” the e-NV200, an all-tense version of the NV200 with a 1

Paisley Passage Products Releases Practical Grilling Accessory for Tailgating ...

Amazon patron, Edward Price, exclaimed, “I've been cooking outdoors for over 50 years and think it's the greatest invention since the gas grill. I use it at home on my Weber Genesis, and even at lavish temperatures the BBQ shield works like a charm. I

Beer and brats: Understand the perfect pairing

Grill marks fit charred flavor and an appealing look to sausage, but sometimes the high intensity of gas or charcoal grills can cause links to dry out or, worse, burst. The Local Pig holder Alex Pope prefers oven-roasting sausages on a baking sheet for

A Buying Beacon for Portable Catering Equipment

Source: LionsDeal Blog

If you are in the catering calling, having portable catering equipment can help you expand your catering capabilities. Rather than doing all your cooking in your commercial kitchen, you can now cook up dishes on locate. Indeed, some dishes are better tasting if they are cooked just before they are about to be eaten. Invest in these portable wholesale kitchen equipment , which will also allow you to offer more for your clients:. - Cooking carts. Do you have a cooking for an episode located in the beach. Wow your clients with hot dishes right off the pan. Even if there is an available stove at the catering site, it may not be enough to accommodate the requirements of cooking a number of dishes and have it bright to serve at a given time. A cooking cart can help solve a caterer’s dilemma by providing additional cooking equipment. You can also use this to provide cooking stations during a dinner party where pasta, stir-fried food and other quick-cooking dishes can be prepared as the guests order them. Cooking carts are designed for onsite cooking and are equipped with one or two stovetops (that can come with gas-powered or induction versions). Some also waggon also comes with storage space where you can keep ingredients and cooking tools. - Outdoor grills. Whet your clients’ appetite with the smell of juicy and sizzling vital part on the grill. An outdoor grill is a piece of equipment when doing catering jobs for outdoor pool parties and other informal events. Another more portable version of the out of doors grill is the tailgate grill, which is excellent if you only have limited space in your van or truck. - Portable gas stoves, induction ranges or hot plates. For added cooktops during an out of doors catering job, you can choose from among a portable gas stove, an induction range or a hot plate. However, take note that these are mostly for cooking limited quantity. You may also need some tabletops to suspend b continue these portable cooking devices – check whether the catering venue can provide you with the necessary tables or space. - Portable hot or cold grub table. Rather than using three or four chafing dishes, keep food hot using a mobile hot food table or serve cold salads and lukewarm desserts using a mobile cold food table. There are perfect for catered events such as buffets and salad bars, especially when these are located outdoors. The portability of the provisions allows more flexibility in setting up the layout of a buffet. - Portable bar. Who says clients can enjoy their favourite drinks only at the bar. Bring the bar to where the clients are and mix up and of use cold beverages using a portable bar. Portable bars also come with a variety of features and amenities, including pre- and post-mixed systems, soda gun, ice bins and thoroughly plates. Another way of serving drinks is to let the guests choose from the available beverages. These can be placed in a mobile ice bath, where these are kept refreshingly cold.

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FireDisc TCGFDM22HRB Mini 22 In. HR Grill With Heat Ring, Black

FireDisc TCGFDM22HRB Mini 22 In. HR Grill With Heat Ring, Black


Price: $349.59

The FireDisc® Mini has all the outstanding qualities of the 36" waist high FireDisc, but is 24" Tall, lighter, and is made for the ultimate in portability. The FireDisc Mini has been powder-coated at 450° to withstand the elements and will not rust, dent, or break. The FireDisc Mini is designed to be cleaned easily and the cooking surface will mature over time to achieve an incredible "Chef" and restaurant quality "seasoned effect" that will get even better each time you cook. The FireDisc Mini folds up easily and is extremely compact for a heavy duty grill. It will fit neatly in any small automobile, large truck, apartment, RV, or canvas duffel bag. The FireDisc Mini is also great for anyone who wants a smaller version of the popular larger model. It also works great for sitting around tailgate parties, and never having to get up, spill your beer while flipping your burgers, everything is at your level at a seated position with the FireDisc Mini. Additionally, this is a great store-away, home grilling machine. It is the ultimate charcoal and gas-grill addition or replacement. We encourage anyone on the go to pick up a portable FireDisc Mini. The FireDisc Mini operates with both a small and large propane tanks, making lighting and cleanup super easy. The FireDisc Mini will also burn 2 hours on a small single 16.4 oz. propane tank. Specification: 22 in. Disc diameter 24" Tall 2 ½ inch "HR" Heat Ring 57 lbs. 60 lbs. in weight 69.08" Disc circumference 4" Disc Grips durable welded handles LP regulator works with a16.4 oz. propane tank Adaptable to a 20 lb. propane tank Holds up to 5 Gallons of water Powder coated Will not rust SureFlame Burner is a 4 in diameter and 9 in length Flexible Stand Adapts to any uneven surfaces 3 piece Heavy Duty carbon steel construction Folds to 31" max Height in any automobile in a 5" wide space Portability Lays flat for easy storage in the car trunk, SUV rear, or truck bed 1 minute cleanup Hose off, dry, and wipe with...

Deluxe Electric Smoker Grill in Stainless Finish

Deluxe Electric Smoker Grill in Stainless Finish


Price: $194.09

351 sq. in. of usable cooking surface. Heavyduty reinforced steel legs for extra strength and durability. Two nickelplated cooking grids with handles for twolevel cooking. Porcelainized 5.05 quart water pan. Heatresistant wooden side and hood handles. Sliding access doors for checking and adding to the water and charcoal levels. Builtin temperature gauge. Flavor channels direct smoke for maximum food flavoring and add structural strength to the smoker. Warranty: One year. Made from metal and wood. 21 in. W x 16.5 in. D x 33 in. H (20.75 lbs.). Aussie grills by Meco offer a full range of Electric, Gas and Charcoal Grills for you to experience the flavor of the grilling the way it ought to be. Whether you are tailgating or camping and need ultimate portability, or looking to make a permanent addition to your deck or patio Aussie has a grill to meet your needs.


Ambulant Outdoor Barbecue Grills - BBQ Gas Grills Commercial
Commercial stainless dagger gas and charcoal barbecue grills, food vending carts, smoker ovens, hog roasters, and concession trailers. Columbus, Ohio

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Cooking recipes

Error Tailgate Drink Recipe
Ingredients:black pepper, ice, ketchup, lemon, hot sauce, hot sauce, vodka, worcestershire sauce

Boilermaker Tailgate Chili
Ingredients:bacon, beef, beer, black pepper, sausage, cayenne, celery, chili powder, beef bouillon granules, cumin, basil, oregano, garlic, green pepper, green chilies, paprika, hot sauce, red pepper, salt, sugar, worcestershire sauce, yellow onions

Tailgate Casserole Means
Ingredients:cheese, cottage cheese, green onion, green pepper, hamburger, tomato sauce, egg noodles, cream cheese, sour cream, salt

Boilermaker Tailgate Chili
Ingredients:bacon, beef bouillon granules, beer, sausage, cayenne, celery, cheddar cheese, chili beans, chili beans, chili powder, tomato, basil, oregano, tortilla chips, garlic, green pepper, green chilies, black pepper, ground beef, cumin, hot sauce, paprika, red pepper, salt, tomato paste, sugar, worcestershire sauce, yellow onions

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Paisley Track Products Releases Practical Grilling Accessory for Tailgating Party Hosts
03/08/15, via News Wire

Amazon chap, Edward Price, exclaimed, “I've been cooking outdoors for over 50 years and think it's the greatest invention since the gas grill. I use it at home on my Weber Genesis, and even at high temperatures the BBQ protect works like a charm.

Weber Q Game Changes The Way You See Grilling
02/17/15, via Gnomes National News Service

FEATURES: The Q 1200 gas grill has 189 rectangular inches of cooking space ... whether they’re going to a picnic or a tailgate party. The innovative carts feature a simple mechanism that allows users to set up the double for in a snap, and a leg-locking indicator ...

Weber Q Blarney Changes The Way You See Grilling
02/17/15, via The Street

FEATURES: The Q 1200 gas grill has 189 up inches of cooking space ... whether they're going to a picnic or a tailgate party. The innovative carts feature a simple mechanism that allows users to set up the fail to keep an appointment with support in a snap, and a leg-locking indicator ...

O-Grill Pocket Gas Grills Recalled
O-Grill Pocket Gas Grills Recalled

The regulator on the Iroda O-Grill models 1000 and 3000 produced before 2010 can seeping gas which can ignite, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers. Some were also sold under the Tailgating Gear brand. www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml12/12077.html

Photo by USCPSC

Ferno v.01
Ferno v.01

Tandem join up Orange's Ferno, a portable dual-burner gas stove for camping, tailgating, and backyards. The "mat" is a fabricated mold that contains all the lines and most of the switches. This is appealing novel. Hopefully in v2, the mat will be 1/2 as thick and the whole apparatus will be 1/2 as bulky. Very cool. Congrats Orange! Photo by Lauren Hernley.

Photo by juhansonin

Hammer365: 201/164 Smoke Some Victuals
Hammer365: 201/164 Smoke Some Victuals

My gas grill has been giving me fits only withering at half-low on one burner. Because of my newly refound appreciation of charcoal at Mark's house I have been thinking about getting a small charcoal grill that we could take with us to Lawrence for tailgating. So a survive week I went out and got an economy grill from the big box and have been practicing in preparation for football season. This sucker actually does a great job. That's smoke from hickory chips billowing. App: CameraBag with Munitions dump filter. Posted via email from David's Posterous

Photo by David Reber's Hammer Photography