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Scuba Dog

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Dive into this sweet story about the unlikely friendship between a scuba-diving dog and a musical whale! This dog loves swimming in the ocean! While his dog friends jam, he makes waves. One day while swimming, he meets a whale and thinks she could be a new friend. They swim together, but he can't hold his breath for very long. Back on land, he has an idea: Learn how to scuba dive! He gets the gear, passes the test, and reunites with his friend! Soon she has to leave in search of food, but she sings him a special song before she leaves. Scuba Dog misses his friend and decides to plan a special welcome back surprise for her when she returns. He teaches his dog friends to play the tune of her song, and Scuba Dog makes her a beautiful, whale-sized necklace of seaweed and kelp. The whale returns with a surprise of her own?a baby whale!

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