Can Crocheting Cause Carpal Tunnel

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Knitting causing hand pain and carpal tunnel syndrome

Knitting and sewing require extensive use of the hands. Enthusiasts can spend hours repeating only a select number of small movements over and over again.

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Porter County man known for knitting

According to the Craft Yarn Council, a Texas-based yarn industry group, more than 30 million people knit or crochet in the United States; roughly 2 million are males of all ages. “I think people assume they wouldn't think (of men) He admits he can

Man pops huge cyst using a needle, pliers and a screwdriver

If you think how often you use your hand that can be debilitating. 'There used to be a myth that you should bash a ganglion with a family bible to burst it. 'That's caused problems with the fluid going into the wrist joint, causing carpel tunnel

How yoga can change your life

Dr Timothy McCall, a U.S. physician who came to yoga in middle age and now devotes himself to researching its medical benefits, says studies 'have found yoga to be an effective treatment for a variety of medical problems, from heart disease to carpal

Porter County man known for knitting -


Think knitting is not a man’s line of work. A Porter County resident is showing picking up a pair of craft needles is not just a job for the ladies. Recently at the Lake County Fair, one of its most significant newcomers in the needlecraft contest was not a grandmother, but a retired maintenance superintendent at BP. As a man with an eye for patterns and a love for tying knots, Glen Wade fell... “I got into it kinda by accident,” said Wade, 62. “I finished my book and I was sitting there kind of bored. In his years before retirement from BP in Whiting, he found it was a good way to relieve some stress. “He’s just excelling at it and he doesn’t think anything of it,” said his sister Carol Collet. Though it's "not too often" men enter their contests at the fair, it does happen and three including Wade did this year, said fair worker Carol Cole. According to the Craft Yarn Council, a Texas-based yarn industry group, more than 30 million people knit or crochet in the United States. “I think people assume they wouldn’t think (of men) as being your typical knitter,” said co-Executive Director Mary Colucci. “I think men are attracted to it for the same reasons. “The men that really knit, love to tackle the more difficult projects," she said. For Wade, one particularly challenging project was a pair of Norwegian wedding gloves – marked by intricate diamond-shaped patterns. At first, the fingers started out as man-sized before he had to start over. It took him three months to complete a single pair. “I must have started those gloves 30 times,” he said. He admits he can sometimes spend $100 or $200 in yarn from specialty stores. Some yarn types of choice are merino wool or cashmere yarn. “Ladies at the store say, ‘Wow, you’ve got really good taste in yarn,’” he said. “I don’t want to go to Walmart,” he said. Wade enlisted in the Marine Corps from 1971 to 1975 including a period spent as a presidential guard for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. After he left the service, he fell into various trades including work as a journeyman plumber. He retired from BP in 2012. After winning multiple prizes last year, this year at the fair, he entered items including a scarf, knit doily, pair of gloves and a knit hat made with two types of yarn with knit white lace pattern on top. This year, he won a first place in his category for his intricate white knit hat and second place in different categories for the doily and gloves. The onset of carpel tunnel is slowing him down a bit, but he has also taken up tatting – making yarn-based lace patterns. After knitting, that was a piece of cake, he said. “My mom used to do it and I had no interest in it as a kid growing up,” he said.

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Can crocheting cause carpal tunnel syndrome? > Wiki Answers > Categories > Health > Conditions and Diseases > Can crocheting cause carpal tunnel ... a lot of things that can cause carpal tunnel ...

Information for Crocheters about Tendonitis and Carpal ...
... the repeated motion of crocheting can cause enough ... surrounding tendons can cause carpal tunnel. ... of the carpal bones and the ligaments ...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - School of Medicine & Health ...
... , the main complaints of patients suffering from carpal tunnel ... crocheting, and other activities ... fractures or dislocations at the wrist may cause ...

How Do You Cure Carpal Tunnel

How Do You Cure Carpal Tunnel
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Carpal Tunnel pain Wrist Braces

Carpal Tunnel pain Wrist Braces
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Can crocheting cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Can crocheting cause carpal tunnel syndrome?
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Clinical Presentation
07/01/15, via Medscape News

Note that carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is associated with many different factors. [7] In particular, the more the hand and wrist are used, the greater the symptoms. This observation does not necessarily mean that using the hand and wrist causes the ...

Ask St. Luke's: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
03/01/14, via Twin Falls Times-News

The syndrome can shoot pain up your wrist and possibly up your arm and shoulder. People usually get carpal tunnel syndrome because of repetitive use of the wrist, such as when bailing hay, crocheting ... is one potential cause of wrist and hand pain ...

Is It Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
09/01/12, via Twin Falls Times-News

It can also shoot pain up your wrist, and possible up your arm and shoulder. People get carpal tunnel syndrome for all sorts of reasons, but basically it is a repetitive use of the wrist. A couple of examples would be bailing hay, crocheting, or repetitive ...