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David Feherty Using Golf as a Verb

com/GolfLife Golf Commentator David Feherty is considered one of the funniest men in golf. Here are some quick bytes of Feherty in.

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My students knew that I used my cane to point at words on the blackboard or to hit the board or teacher's table. When you teach a class which can put a noisy garage to shame, it pays not to out-shout your students. My rotan saved my voice. When I wanted the kids' attention I just hit a desk or the board. Now look at this word. Look for the book. A short lesson in phrasal verbs (verb plus preposition), in case you missed that. But the teachers' rotans had a way of disappearing mysteriously. Sometimes the borrower forgot to return this most important piece of teaching tool and many a desperate teacher found herself without it just when she needed it urgently. She could not leave the classroom to hunt for hers because that would be giving some kids the opportunity to show their classmates the new flying kick skills they just picked up, or to see how much weight each blade of the moving ceiling fan could... So she'd send a student to the staffroom to borrow one. Sometimes I had been so desperate that I'd chop off a stem of the Japanese Bamboo I had planted in my front yard. (The stems were very straight, very long and very bare. ) I took this fresh, green stem to school and at first the students' eyes showed something like anxiety. Instead of my short, little rotan, I now had one as long as a fishing rod. For a few days I enjoyed the attention my new rotan was getting for me. I had to walk only a few steps from the blackboard and I could—if I wanted to—touch the sleepy head at the back of the room. I struck a desk and I got everyone's attention including the sleepy head’s. I have never used the cane to strike a student. or had repeatedly left their homework on the school bus. Not even after I'd caught them reading a comic hidden in the drawer of their desk while I was explaining how to use sequence connectors. or showing them how to write the letter 'i' without a dot the size of a football hovering over it. I might give them a good talking to, you know, like a mother teaching her kids some morals. I guess most of us can recall encounters we've had with rotans and caning during our own school days. My one experience was being hit on my palm when I was eight. I went to the toilet—it was a pit latrine, actually—without asking for Teacher's permission. (There was no teacher in the classroom from whom to seek permission when I went. ) Sonny had some rotan stories to share with me too. He was traumatized when he saw how students were caned when he went to Form One in this boys' secondary school. Almost daily he would come home with reports of how he saw teachers use the cane. Apparently in his school, the teachers swung the rotan like a golfer swings his golf club. Sonny’s classmates learnt to predict when caning would be administered and a few smart ones slipped thin books into their pants, between the buttocks and the trousers. Not the soft sound one would expect when rotan met fleshy boys' bottoms. After a lifetime of teaching kids, I'm now a full time housewife. I love to play with words and pretend that I'm a writer. This blog is a collection of rants and ramblings about life and friends and the odd book. I like to think that I'm helping people to enjoy books and maybe to even string words together. My first book, about growing up in North Borneo, was published in March 2010. I love Everybody Loves Raymond.

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Is golf a verb? | Yahoo Answers
Is golf a verb? My wife always asks "Are you golfing this weekend?" I don't think " ... "Golf" can be either a noun or a verb, ...

"GOLFING" - is it a word? - TheSandTrap.com - golf forums ...
-"Golf" is a noun, not a verb (you can't go baseballing or basketballing, you PLAY baseball and PLAY basketball) ... Golf is noun or verb. Golfing can also be a ...

golf - Wiktionary
golf; Verb . golf. first-person singular present indicative of golfen; ... You can download the clip or download a player to play the clip in your browser.

is called "Golf is so awesome it can be a noun and a verb . " The golf ...

is called "Golf is so awesome it can be a noun and a verb . " The golf ...
Image by pinterest.com

can speak six languages my grandfather could play golf very well i can ...

can speak six languages my grandfather could play golf very well i can ...
Image by a141444k2.wordpress.com

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