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2 Japanese Style shoe shine. Full HD(1080p)


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My Stolen Life

I never saw the thief, and neither did my husband, sitting two meters from the scene of the crime a fast food Japanese restaurant. How is such criminal skill even possible? I am still waiting for the second shoe to drop. I have a feeling this is

Safeway recalls field cucumbers in Canada and US

The recall includes bulk or unwrapped cucumbers sold in the produce section featuring the PLU #4062, as well as deli-type offerings featuring cucumbers including Greek salad, veggie trays, sushi and sandwiches purchased on or before Sept. 6.

25 Tucson restaurants closed in 2015

The La Paloma restaurant Poppy Kitchen announced its closure on Facebook this evening. The restaurant was the last venture started by Tucson restaurateur Brian Metzger, after the closure of Gio Taco and Jackson Tavern. Here is the post in full:.

My Stolen Life

Source: Boing Boing

My handbag was stolen two months ago. It happened in seconds in a mall in Turin, Italy. I never saw the thief, and neither did my husband, sitting two meters from the scene of the crime a fast food Japanese restaurant. Now, after two months, I do vaguely remember though a nice young woman, sitting with a child, next to my table. Was it she who grabbed my bag off the back of a chair and escaped with it. A week later, I read that a gang of four women, convicted of serial handbag thefts in Italy, was finally put behind the bars. Even though found guilty several times, they were always released from custody because they had either small children or were pregnant. So maybe they relied on the handbags of other women to feed their numerous children. But that would be a topic for a novel, and not what I want to write about. Because it can only be compared to an accident, a personal disaster, as if a truck ran over me. No use asking, was it my fault. Should I blame myself for leaving my chair to order a second beer to go with my sushi. And why on earth did I center my earthly life inside one rather small handbag. Why did I visit a shopping mall taking with me all of my traveling documents, credit cards, checkbook, USB backup, health insurance card, Iphone, address book, prescriptions, etc. I used to carry everything in one bag during the bombings in Belgrade, Serbia, or during political demos when I might have been arrested. But in those dire-straits years, in the nineties, my home was never bombed and I was not jailed by the Serbian police. I didn't even lose my bag. However, in 2004, during a pleasant event in Amsterdam, in peace, my handbag was stolen in a bar. I was traveling, so I lost pretty much lost the same set of documents, meaning all I could carry to support my life on the road. I lost cash, credit cards, phone, some jewelry, my diary, my address book, my passport, my visa. But the damage I suffered 11 years ago cannot be compared to the damage I suffered a month ago. Within half an hour, they managed to rush to ATM machines with my bank cards and, without a PIN or a credit limit, they robbed the banks of far more money than I could legally withdraw myself. These "forchetta" hacks, which involve some kind of ATM hacking gadget, are getting pretty well known. But of course the banks don't want to take responsibility for these thefts. They prefer to pretend that the ATMs are secure, and want me to absorb the loss. Then there are travel documents. So, far as my documents are concerned: Italian, Serbian and American: for each piece of plastic that I've carried for years on end, I have to go to the original country to have my biometrics redone. I must pay all the uncomfortable costs of travel without any documents, while waiting for the new ones, being interrogated about my life. as if they had never heard of me, as if I had never existed. This disaster crippled my daily life for the following two months. I still cannot travel as I want, work, or pay. I realize how vulnerable we are nowadays, since we're supported by data and electronic gates and barriers. My USB key contained non encrypted backup of my computer's hard disk. I carefully backed up all my books, essays, mail, films, photos, music and various secrets. I am exposed totally, these thieves, if they bother to look, can know everything about me. They have my email addresses, they know my friends and foes. In some ways, losing access to your home and documents is worse than having your home and documents physically destroyed. Because it means that someone can interfere with my life, they have stolen the power to spy on me at will. My daily life has been hacked, and somebody else is, if not living my stolen life through fake ID, then at least surveilling it. I live in subconscious fear of blackmail, threats, violence. The police told me theft like mine happens everyday, to many people. And indeed, sometimes hackers steal entire databases of people's names, addresses, credit cards -- colossal leaks of a quarter of a million people at once. Even American spies with security clearances have had their security declarations stolen by the Chinese. How humiliating to be a SONY executive and have your business emails leaked by tools of the North Koreans. Or to be an activist stalked by political enemies who want to aggressively "dox" you and your family. Often the victims get their documents back through some weird channels, or just from the trash.

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Key West's ruby shoe is coming down! - CNN.com
Leading up to the stroke of midnight, thousands of partygoers are treated to an elaborate drag queen show in the middle of Duval Street. Sushi, or Marion ...

Meet the star of Key West's 'drag queen drop' - CNN.com
"At 11 o'clock, Sushi arrives, and we lower the shoe and put her in it, then raise her up," said pub owner Joey Schroeder. Over the next hour, Marion as ...

Sushi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term sushi comes from an archaic grammatical form no longer used in other contexts, ... where guests are asked to remove their shoes, ...


Image by www.flickr.com

Sushi Shoes (ShoeShies.com) *& Gifts Are Here

Sushi Shoes (ShoeShies.com) *& Gifts Are Here
Image by www.prlog.org

Sushi is a study in contrasts, often looking like a cross between Ava ...

Sushi is a study in contrasts, often looking like a cross between Ava ...
Image by jessi.ca

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My Stolen Life
09/10/15, via Boing Boing (blog)

Should I blame myself for leaving my chair to order a second beer to go with my sushi? And why on earth did I center my ... I am still waiting for the second shoe to drop. I have a feeling this is not the end. It depends on the fantastic skill of the ...

Cookbook features offerings from Reading Terminal Market
09/09/15, via Reading Eagle

You also can find a good craft beer at the market, and you can get your shoes shined. On most days ... offering everything from cheesesteaks to sushi to ice cream. You can get Chinese noodle soup with duck, a Greek salad, brick oven-baked pizza, potato ...

SouthPark has a soul
09/09/15, via Charlotte Observer

Shopping for shoes, clothes and home and garden isn’t the only kind ... Great burgers (Arthur’s), inventive sushi (Yama, Sushi Guru, AZN) and Barrington’s, which consistently ranks as one of the top restaurants in town – and with good reason.